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SenSafe Test Kits

Sensafe water test strips and water test kits off greater accuracy, lower detection levels and more convenience than other lines of dip-n-read water test strips.

Flagship products like the SenSafe Free Chlorine Water Check, an EPA approved test strip for monitoring free chlorine levels in drinking water, and the Arsenic Quick lead the way in their respective water testing categories.

Now pretty much anyone can test well and drinking water for potentially harmful contaminants such as heavy metals, free and total chlorine, copper, mercury and other contaminants typically found in drinking waters without specialized training or prior technical knowledge.

For those curious about how the name 'SenSafe' came about, the creators of the SenSafe brand name (Industrial Test Systems, Inc., a South Carolina based company) had a vision that involved making the practice of testing for critical water quality patrameters in the field, in the lab, etc. not only more sensitive, but also safer at the same time.

By combining the words Sensitive and Safe they came up with... SenSafe.

Do SenSafe products live up to their name?

Absolutely!  No other manufacturer of test strips in the world has managed to duplicate the performance and accuracy levels achieved with products like SenSafe Free Chlorine Water Check (an EPA Approved test strip for the detection of free chlorine residual in drinking water), Boris' Mercury Check, John's Copper Check, etc.