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Fact:  Dirty pool water can make you very sick... and routinely testing your pool water for critical water quality parameters like chlorine or bromine, pH, total alkalinity, stabilizer (cyanuric acid), calcium hardness helps you keep your pool water safe for your loved ones to enjoy!

In our store pool water testing section you will find basic two-way liquid test kits, replacement pH & OTO test reagents, DPD-1 & DPD-3 test tablets, and Pool Check Test Strips.

Fact:  Regular pool water testing can save you a LOT of money.  Yes, pool testing supplies cost money, but correcting pool water problems like algae, cloudy water and stains costs a lot more!

Most Popular Pool Water Test Kit
Pool Check 3-Way Test Strips
Pool Check 3-Way

For everyday pool testing needs the Pool Check 3-Way meets most people's needs and budget!


While many people believe keeping pool water safe and clean to swim in means following a regular schedule of adding pool water sanitizers and 'shocking as needed, variances in air temperature, pollen counts, amounts of dust in the wind, and bather loads can all adversely affect the quality of pool water by reducing the amount of free, unhindered sanitizer available to take care of biological threats posed by an unexpected diaper leaks, someone in the pool having gastrointestinal issues (w/ leakage. gross!) and host of other situations which could result in other swimmers getting sick. Routine pool water testing does EVERYone a favor, it takes next to no time to do, and it really doesn't cost all that much.