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The National Testing Laboratories, Ltd. network of certified laboratories performs drinking water testing according to USEPA and other established standard methods and holds certifications across the U.S. including ISO 17025:2005 accreditation.  All laboratories in the network actively and successfully participate in USEPA Proficiency Testing Programs.

What does all that mean to the average home or business owner?

It means all samples submitted to National Testing Laboratories get analyzed by highly qualified personnel using test methods proven to yield accurate results time and time again!

Types of water tested?

Whether you have city/tap water, well water, process water from a manufacturing facility, or samples of ground, surface, or spring water taken from remote regions of the planet, National Testing Laboratories has the experience, skill and equipment needed to make sure tersting gets done quickly and, more importantly, correctly.

How long does testing typically take?

That depends entirely on the testing you request.  As a general rule, however, test results get emailed to you in less than 7 to 10 business days.

Will I have to pay any other laboratory or testing fees?

No.  The listed cost of each test kit includes all fees associated with the actual testing of your water samples.

What does shipping samples to the laboratory cost?

You will need to pay for the shipping of your sample(s) to the laboratory for testing.

For all samples requiring bacteria testing you will need to make sure the sample arrives at the laboratory within 24 hours after collection or the lab may not get an accurate bacteria count in the water.

When last we checked, overnight shipping to a National Testing Labs facility from anywhere in the Continental United States costs between $35 and $60.  You will need to pay the shipping directly to your chosen carrier (i.e. UPS, Fed Ex, or USPS).

What if I did not see the water test that I need?

National Testing Laboratories has a wide range of tests available that we opted not to list on our site... because we wanted to focus on the water tests we felt most people would find useful.  If you did not see the water test(s) that you need, please contact us using our online contact form and we will see what we can do to fill your testing requirement.