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Whether you have well water, city water, or collect rain water for everyday use, home water test kits from popular brands like SenSafe, WaterSafe, Watercheck, and WaterWorks will certainly help you learn more about the quality of your drinking water -- and no matter which water test kit you choose, having SOME knowledge about the quality of your water will ALWAYS make more sense than having no knowledge at all!

You will never know if your drinking water contains unwanted contaminants unless you perform regular testing -- and as stated before, any water testing performed certainly beats doing no testing at all.

We strongly believe that regular water testing should take place in the private sector (i.e. in homes, at offices, in schools, etc.) more than it does for many reasons, but for now we'll just list one: By the time health officials alert the media to a potential health hazard, water has already gone out to a number of unsuspecting people.

Oh, and if those people who received potentially tainted water did not watch the news that night or read the paper that morning, well, you do the math.

Final Responsibility for Water Quality Will Always Lie in the Hands of the Consumer!

Sounds a bit scary, yes, but many miles of pipe lay between most consumers and their respective water treatment plants.  In all those miles of pipe that may have sat underground for... how many years? ... small cracks, sometimes referred to as fissures, may have developed allowing potentially dangerous and definitely unwanted contaminants into the water supply.

Water companies must only test for the quality of the water as it leaves their facility.

A message for owners of private wells

No State, Local or Federal Agency will come out to your well on a regular basis, test the quality of its water, and tell you whether or not you should install a filter or have the well serviced.  Responsibility for the quality of water coming from a private wells lies squarely on the shoulders of the well owner.