John's Copper (Total Copper, Cu+1 & Cu+2)

John's Copper (Total Copper, Cu+1 & Cu+2)
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  • Manufacturer: SenSafe / WaterWorks
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 480042
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John's Copper presents a faster, easier and more convenient way to test for total copper (cuprous copper & cupric copper) in water samples and serves as an excellent alternative to traditional wet chemical copper tests:

  • Copper Detection Levels: 0.5 - 2 ppm.
  • Each Bottle Contains 25 Tests.

  • Testing Requires No Mixing of Potentially Hazardous or Irritating Chemicals.
  • No MSDS Required and Rapid Test Time of Less Than 1 minute.
  • No Known Interferences from Elements Typically Found in Drinking, Well and Tap Water.

  • Manufacturer Part Number 480042.
  • Product Made in the United States by Industrial Test Systems, Inc.


Sources of Copper in Drinking Water?

Older homes and water service lines on municipal water systems may still contain copper components which studies have shown to leach copper into the water supply under the right conditions (i.e. low pH, etc.).

Older homes with private wells may also have copper components in their plumbing which could easily leach copper into the water.  Additionally, copper may occur naturally in well water.


Lead in Water Also a Possibility?

Prior to the use of materials like PVC, plumbers installed copper piping in buildings... and joined the pipes together using lead-based solders on aregular basis.  At the time no one knew the dangers of lead.

Therefore we suggest that anyone who suspects their building may have older copper plumbing also test their water for the presence of lead with a product like the WaterSafe Lead in Water Test Kit.

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