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Arsenic Quick Water Test Kits

The USEPA set the MCL for dissolved arsenic at 10ppb (parts per billion) and all products in the Arsenic Quick line of arsenic test kits can detect that concentration and lower.  Additionally, all Arsenic Quick™ water test kits require no special equipment, require less than 15 minutes to perform a test, and do not require the persons doing the testing to possess a degree in chemistry or advanced training.

Well water that contains arsenic typically will not have a discernible taste, smell or color... so only testing for arsenic in well or drinking water will let you know whether or not the water from your well contains dissolved arsenic, a semi-metal that if consumed can cause both immediate harm and long-term harm.

Why Worry About Arsenic in Drinking Water?

Consuming the metal arsenic in drinking water can result in debilitating diseases, and, in time, can kill you.

For more information on where arsenic comes from, how it gets into the water supply, and ways to reduce its levels once detected, please visit the Arsenic Articles section of the Water Testing Blog.

A Special Message for Well Owners:

No one will tell you when unwanted contaminants have creep into the aquifer from which you draw your water.  Changes in the weather and/or development of land (i.e. buliding of new houses, etc.) in your area can have a pronounced effect on the quality of your well water -- and, again, no one will tell you when the quality of your water changes.

A Special Message for Municipal Water Customers:

If your water system draws its water from a well, as many of them do, then depending on the size and age of the water district it may either A) Not have to test; or B) Not have had the funds to upgrade equipment as mandated by the USEPA.

Also, and as we have stated many times in the past, equipment failures, human error and intentional human negligence can sometmes lead to contamination of the public's water supply.

Interested in Testing for Other Well Water Contaminants?

Definitely take a look at the Well Water Testing section of our site which features a number of different water test kits that give average homeowners the ability to spot check the quality of their well water quickly and easily.

As always, though, we do suggest contracting with a certified well water testing laboratory/company (such as National Testing Laboratories) for your annual water test since they will have the ability to test for less common, but potentially quite hazardous, compounds like VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds).